Top 10 Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna for rural areas in 2022 - Buyer's Guide 😍🔥

You might be searching what is the best long range omnidirectional TV antenna on your search engine because you need one that can fulfill your needs, and also you want it to have a long range. 

Let us tell you that we're reviewing such omnidirectional tv antennas that have a long range. With long-range, these antennas will also have other traits and features that would help you in getting the best quality signal from all directions. 

Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna

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So without any further delay, let's get started with the list of Top 10 Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna.



One can appreciate watching top-notch TV with the assistance of a Satellite or cable. Be that as it may, you can't bear to use the cable each month; it's somewhat costly. The best long-range omnidirectional TV antenna will remove your concern and fill your need.

An omnidirectional TV radio antenna will help you in getting signals from every direction. An omnidirectional TV antenna can be installed on your housetop, and it can get TV signals from all directions, and the transmissions can be gotten from all channels.

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Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna

1. Outdoor TV Antenna- 1byone 720Outdoor TV Antenna- 1byone 720

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If you want to spend less money and want to get the best results, here we are providing you with the best suggestions for the best long-range omnidirectional TV Antenna at the lowest prices. Outdoor TV Antenna- 1byone 720 receives all the signals from every direction. 

This has a 150-mile-long range. This TV antenna will allow you to pick up all the local news for free. There is no placement issue for this Antenna because it is specially designed to catch signals without restriction freely, which made it the best tv antenna for rural areas. Its movements are not affected by the weather conditions; whether it is hot or cold, it'll work correctly without interruption. 

The premium coaxial cable is specifically designed to face weather challenges, so there is dielectric insulation used in its wires and aluminum shielding for protection. This TV antenna is easy to set with little effort. Outdoor TV Antenna- 1byone 720

Key features:

  • The brand name is 1 BY ONE
  • Item weight is 3.94 pounds
  • Item dimension is 12.1 x 11.9 x 5.6 inches
  • Antenna with built-in amplifier
  • There is a power supply box is provided
  • The power adapter is 12V 
  • Anti storm
  • Creative size design for the better TV experience

2. Pinbinding PBD WA-2608

Pinbinding PBD WA-2608

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Coming up next we have the Pinbinding PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna. The signal booster in this best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna will improve and support the signal received by your open-air non-intensified detached TV radio wire. Enhancers will clear up any low-quality fluffy or pixelated channels.

The number of channels you get may change depending upon your nearby broadcast towers. It is designed for durability for open-air installation and it can also be put in the area where there are low tv signals. This can be pole-mounted, divider mounted or can be utilized inside. 

This best omnidirectional outdoor tv antenna includes a power inserter, power flexibly zip ties, rain boot, and an easy-to-read customer manual so that everything that you wanted to know about this antenna, you can straight read the manual. Pinbinding PBD WA-2608

Key features:

  • Noising figure is <=2.5dB
  • Impedance is 75ohm
  • Operation temperature is -10 to 50 degree
  • Best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna

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3. HDTV Antenna-1byone 360 Omni-Directional

HDTV Antenna-1byone 360 Omni-Directional

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If you want to connect your smart tv or HDTV to the best long-range omnidirectional tv Antenna, there is an excellent choice to get some great experience with the HDTV Antenna-1byone 360 Omni-Directional. This HDTV antenna provides detailed instructions on how to find the perfect location for your Antenna and how to install it. 

There is no need to rotate your Antenna or control your Antenna with the remote like traditional antennas, which always require changing their direction. This best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas can receive signals from all directions. You can watch local channels also because they can catch local channel signals. There is no issue with the picture; it'll always be clear without any blurriness. 

When the weather change, your traditional antenna's mood also changes, but it will still work fine due to the excellent material used in it. Once you purchased this best omnidirectional tv antenna, it'll be cost-free; there is no cable bill or monthly payment to watch the best tv shows by attaching this best omnidirectional tv antenna. HDTV Antenna-1byone 360 Omni-Directional

Key features:

  • 39ft water resistant coaxial cable
  • Detailed instructions for the installation
  • Power supply box
  • Brand name 1BY ONE
  • Item weight 4.18
  • Item dimension 12.44*12.24*5.75 inches
  • The manufacturer does not discontinue it
  • Omnidirectional outdoor tv antenna

4. 2020 Indoor Outdoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

2020 Indoor Outdoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

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Stop worrying about high cost, weak signal to connect, or watching a lot of channels without cost. There is an upgraded outdoor/indoor best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna that will solve all your issues. No matter what type of media you want to watch, there are news channels, sports channels, weather broadcast channels, tv shows, kid channels, or local channels. 

You can watch all sorts of programs with the easy setup of this antenna. Place your antenna as high as possible, like on the window or any other higher place, to get better results. It is made up of using the highest technology for a clear image and catching better signals. 

2020 Indoor Outdoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna just needs the best installation place. No brand can match the quality of this best long range tv antenna. The power source comes from the USB plugin. There is no monthly fee or any payment except for the purchasing amount of this best tv antenna for rural areas.

Amazon.com2020 Indoor Outdoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna 

Key features:

  • Product dimensions 5.1x0.9x9.1 inches
  • Item weight is 1.3 pounds.
  • It is a 33ft long coaxial cable.
  • Best for indoor and outdoor
  • It has a range of up to 200 miles
  • Full HD channels

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5. GE Pro Outdoor TV AntennaGE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna

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This amazing antenna's system is designed to react to a more prominent frequency of frequencies alongside a whole bar point. You will now be able to get tv signals from every direction because this antenna doesn't require any swivel or pivot point to catch signals.

GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna's outside HDTV radio wire is designed as an ideal substitute for your link to get advanced TV UHF/VHF signals. You would now be able to appreciate free 4K superior quality TV without the significant expense of cable. 

This outdoor tv antenna is likewise constructed with a mechanized capacity. You can change the reception apparatus of this best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas up to 360° now, nearly by utilizing the infrared controller. GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna 

Key features:

  • Free HD channels
  • Full crystal clear image and HD with high-quality sound
  • It is a long-range antenna.
  • Special features for the mount areas
  • It has guaranty
  • The brand name is GE.

6. Five Star HDTV Antenna

Five Star HDTV Antenna

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This best omnidirectional outdoor tv antenna, the Five Star HDTV Antenna, covers the 150 miles range, which provides both local television and network with full HD quality. It doesn't matter if you live in a rainy area or a cold area; this advanced Antenna can work in all types of environments without any hindrance. 

There is no need for you to compromise on the video's quality or fewer channels because the Five star HDTV offers you media with high quality at little cost. Its material is waterproof, so there is no need for any other shield to protect the Antenna. It is easy to set without any tuning or pointing required. 

You can place them outside anywhere. This shows the explicit crystal videos covering the vast channels of sports, news, kids, or discovery channels. This best omnidirectional tv antenna can also work in mounted areas. Five Star HDTV Antenna

Key features:

  • Item weight is 5.32 pounds
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Receive more the 150+ miles of range
  • There is a shield against the interference
  • Receive 100% signals
  • Omnidirectional reception
  • New design with the latest technology

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7. ANTOP PL-414BG HDTV AntennaAntop UFO Omnidirectional Reception TV Antenna

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ANTOP PL-414BG HDTV Antenna is the best antenna for RV, motor home, TV Antenna, RV antenna, and etc. It can be used for any indoor or outdoor environment where you want to watch your favorite TV stations. 

This antenna provides crystal clear HD pictures. The 360° Omni-directional design provide the signal stronger in all directions. The Smartpass technology amplifier will allow this best long range omnidirectional antenna to get balance signals from long to short distances.

ANTOP PL-414BG HDTV Antenna can absorb EMI's noise and block other interference because of its great design. It comes with durable and lightweight material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and high winds. This weather-resistant exterior is built to last. ANTOP PL-414BG HDTV Antenna

Key features:

  • Can be mounted on the rooftop
  • Have the ability to bear bad weather
  • Has small pass amplifiers
  • High-quality video
  • Best signal catching antenna

8. LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional - Multi-directional antenna

LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional

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Most of the brands are working hard to give you the best products to increase your life's easiness. LAVA is one of the most important companies working on the Outdoor TV Antenna, which could fit in all weather and give you high quality. 

They are proud to introduce the new LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional, which is the perfect solution for the low noise, blur picture, and covers a great range of 125 miles. There are amplifiers fitted in the Antenna to prevent the signal issue. You can watch almost 130 channels with HD pictures. 

This multi-directional antenna has high frequency and also modulation signals. It has the best shielding material to prevent any interference. Mostly Antennas get affected by the UV radiation coming from the sun. It is designed with the usage of advanced technology to protect the Antenna from UV radiation. LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional

Key features:

  • It covers the range of up to 150 miles
  • 50+ HD channels
  • It can work with all TV’s
  • Catch signals instant
  • 360-degree signals at one time
  • There is no need to set the media again and again
  • There is an amplifier

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9. McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital Antenna - Best omnidirectional attic antenna

McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital Antenna

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Most families are worried about the monthly payment of about 88-150 dollars and still compromising the low quality. Its time to celebrate that McDuory has introduced the new outdoor amplified Antenna with 150 miles range. There is excellent easiness created for you to set the channels according to your choice with the remote. 

You can watch all sorts of channels on your TV by attaching this best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna. There is a motor attached inside the set of best omnidirectional attic antenna; when you use your remote, it will start to work. There is also a website created to check the signals. 

McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital Antenna would help if you found the right position for your Antenna, and you can enjoy the best TV shows with excellent quality. If you have a problem with the cable, then there is the connecter with the antenna set; you can extend the line according to your need. The package has all the necessary accessories which are used to adjust the Antenna. McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital Antenna

Key features:

  • Working frequency is VHF 170-230 MHZ, UHF 470-860 MHZ
  • Noise figure is <=2.5dB
  • The reception range is 150 miles.
  • The impedance is 750ohm.
  • The maximum output level is 105dB u V.

10. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna - Best outdoor tv antenna preamplifier

Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

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The amplified indoor and outdoor Antenna is the best omnidirectional tv antenna in the modern age, which provides 1080 HD quality. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna's hardware is specially designed for solving placement issues. When you know that your tv can serve you much more, why is there a need to settle for something less? 

This best outdoor tv antenna preamplifier has the best features to control the Antenna with a remote, which is wireless. It has amplified with a shallow voice, and it is free; there is no need to pay bills once after you purchase the product. 

Just connect the coax cable of Antenna and enjoy the news and best tv shows. Ensure you are ready to enjoy cost-free content, there are many antennas in the market, but it is the most guaranteed one. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Key features:

  • The brand name is Tree New Bee.
  • The impedance is 75ohm.
  • Cover 150-mile range
  • Quality is 720p, 1080p
  • Built-in 360 degrees motor rotor
  • Wireless remote controlled

Buying Guide for Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna 


There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re buying a TV antenna. The main concern for most people is the range of the antenna. This range is a measurement of how far from your home tower or transponder that your antenna can receive signals. 

Look for the best omnidirectional tv antenna that has a minimum of 100 miles of range, if the range is less than that, then you won't receive more signals especially if you're in rural areas where the transmitters are far away.

Picture Quality

Picture quality is very important. What matters most with picture quality is the resolution and clarity. If you are going to buy the best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna, then it has to give you clear picture quality.

Look for the product that is capable of giving at least 1080p resolution, or you can also go for the one that can give 4K resolution if you have a 4K tv. It depends on your tv as well as how much you wanted to spend on an antenna.

The more you spend, the more clear quality you'll get, but if your tv only supports 1080p resolution, then there is no need to buy a 4K one because it'll be costly and won't do any good.


If you need to use your TV when it rains or when it gets wet, you’ll want to use a waterproof antenna. It’s important to consider both weather and where you live.

Mostly you install tv antenna at top of your house where it has to bear all the harsh weather conditions especially rain. Make sure that your omnidirectional antenna is waterproof, so you won't get blurred signals or distortion even during the rainy season.


The antenna must be sturdy to handle crashing branches and strong winds. It needs to be able to withstand outdoor conditions including the elements such as moisture, temperature, and sunlight.

Easy to install

Look for an antenna that is easy to install. Most of the omnidirectional antennas are easy to install because you don't have to set them at a specific location, and they'll catch signals from everywhere, but you still need to consider if the antenna comes with manual or not and will it require any expertise in the installation or not. 


Are 150 mile TV antennas are worth buying?

The answer is, "It depends." You want to make sure you’re researching the best 150 mile TV antenna for your needs, but you also want to understand the trade-offs. If the 150-mile antenna only gives you 40 channels, then it’s not good for you. If it gives you 70 channels with clear reception, then that’s great. 

It all comes down to what’s important to you. Having an antenna that gives you everything you need is always good. But, you’re still going to want to consider what else you might want to do with your antenna.

How to choose an omnidirectional tv antenna?

There are a few things to consider when picking out a TV antenna. A good TV antenna will provide you with access to signals that you couldn’t otherwise get, and that will improve the quality of the HD channels available to you. You should also consider other features like range, design, etc.

From where to buy the best long-range omnidirectional tv antennas? 

One of the best places to buy antennas is on Amazon. For your convenience, we have added the links from where you can buy these best omnidirectional tv antennas. 


If you are tired of the month-to-month link membership expenses, you can cut the link as an economical customer. It's anything but difficult to locate the best omnidirectional TV antenna apparatus once you get the sign report. 

This guide will help you avoid link issues, and you can watch your channels at your solace and straightforwardness.

The best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna that we mentioned above are:

We hope you find our list informative and guiding. Let us know if you find any mistakes in the article.

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