Top 10 High-speed Micro Linear Actuators - Buyer's Guide 😍🔥

High-speed Micro Linear Actuators

What do you mean by referring to an actuator as “mini” and “high speed”? These are not some specific technical standards. 

However, manufacturers and users determine precisely what actuators belong to this type:

  • Those shall be small actuators, typically, their stroke length is up to 12 inches;
  • And their speed is high compared to other similar models. 

To make sure you choose the correct Micro Linear Actuators; we have prepared for you the selection of the Top 10 high-speed micro linear actuators.

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High-speed Micro Linear Actuators

1. Micro Linear Actuator, Mod. PA-07-050-5

Micro Linear Actuator, Mod. PA-07-050-5

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The first high-speed micro linear actuator is the Micro Linear Actuator, Mod. PA-07-050-5. This is one of the leading options if you look for high-speed microactuators. This model is presented by Progressive Automations. This actuator is the best choice for those who look for automation opportunities for small spaces. 

It is perfect for the following applications:

  • It is perfect for:
  • Application in the robotics industry;
  • Home automation;
  • Remote controls;
  • Drones;
  • Automatic gardens, and a few other applications.

The requirements for the installation procedures are minimal. It means that the actuator can be used with other systems and work seamlessly. 

2. USLICCX 1.2" Stroke Micro Linear Actuator

USLICCX 1.2" Stroke Micro Linear Actuator

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USLICCX 1.2" Stroke Micro Linear Actuator is also one of the best high-speed micro linear actuators. This is provided by a new brand USLICCX. Thus, like in most cases, you can count on affordable prices and top quality. The actuator is made from aluminum and is waterproof. Its stroke is just 1.2 inches. 

It is perfect for the following applications:

  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Medical devices;
  • Home automation;
  • Handling and loading and unloading of materials, and many other applications. 

This item is distinguished by top durability and comfort of use

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3. Mini Electric Linear Actuator

Mini Electric Linear Actuator

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Mini Electric Linear Actuator is provided by ECO LLC. It features a series of characteristics that made us mention it in the rating.

The stroke length is 3 inches, however, there are options to choose from. Automatic machine lock, protection against overcurrent, protection against short circuit, and overvoltage protection make it reliable and safe to use. 

This actuator is perfect for:

  • Robotics;
  • Windows and doors opener;
  • Home automation systems. 

It is made from alloy steel which means that it is durable and can serve you for ages. 

4. SOViK 2" 2-inch Stroke Micro Linear Actuator

SOViK 2" 2-inch Stroke Micro Linear Actuator

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SOViK actuator's stroke length is 9.84 inches. The body is made from aluminum which means that the actuator is lightweight and has smaller dimensions in comparison to options with the same features but built from other materials. The actuator is robust enough to serve for ages.

This ultra-high-speed linear actuator comes with pre-drilled mounting openings and mounting brackets. It is very easy to install which makes it perfect for those who love DIY projects. 

It is perfect for:

  • Remote window positioning;
  • Opening of air vent;
  • Opening of the gate;
  • Control of shutters, and many others.

Basically, the projects that can be made with this actuator are limited by your imagination only. Its modern-looking style and sturdiness allow using it for a plethora of applications. 

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5. Mini Linear Electric Actuator 12VMini Linear Electric Actuator 12V

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This easy-to-use and extremely durable actuator is an optimal choice if you have a massage saloon or an advanced dental office. Mini Linear Electric Actuator 12V's top precision of movement allows adjusting your reclinable chair within seconds and brings it into an optimal position. 

This small linear actuator 12v works smoothly does not generate excessive noise and guarantees years of reliable service. 

The actuator is irreplaceable for just any of your projects:

  • Robotics;
  • Home automation;
  • For medical applications, and similar.

It can be easily integrated with already available systems. And it has an IP54 rating, thus, it is protected from dust ingress and water splashes.

6. 12V Linear Electric Actuator with Feedback 

12V Linear Electric Actuator with Feedback

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12V Linear Electric Actuator with Feedback has potentiometer feedback built in the body. Thus, it is best for the application when you need to control the actuator movement speed effortlessly. You can use this for syncing several motors or to create a speed profile. This actuator model is extremely reliable. You can use it in almost any application. 

It is most suitable for such projects as:

  • Home automation;
  • Mobile traffic signs;
  • Lift platforms;
  • To automate doors and windows, etc.

This actuator is clean, silent, non-toxic, and works perfectly. it does not use a lot of energy thus, it is cost-efficient. It can be combined with any control boxes, systems, etc.

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7. Justech 100mm 4-inch Linear Actuator Motor

Justech 100mm 4-inch Linear Actuator Motor

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This is a small and powerful actuator that can be used in a variety of applications:

  • TV lifts;
  • Electric beds;
  • Adjustable chairs;
  • Micro-devices;
  • Robotics;
  • Cameras, and many more.

Justech 100mm 4-inch Linear Actuator Motor is made from aluminum and is also one of the best high-speed micro linear actuators. The item is lightweight and durable. A self-locking function is added for additional security. This actuator has a cut-off power function that allows you to stop the item in any position. It has an IP54 rating, so, it can be used in clean sweeping vehicles and in applications where water splashes are common.

The duty cycle is 20%. Thus, your actuator shall rest 4 minutes for 1 minute of work. Consider it when using it. it is not suitable for continuous use.

8. DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE 8 Inch 8" Stroke Linear Actuator

DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE 8 Inch 8" Stroke Linear Actuator

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With a stroke length of 8 inches, the DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE 8 Inch 8" Stroke Linear Actuator perfectly suits any application where small size and top functionality are needed. The item isn’t waterproof thus, it might be not suitable for applications where water splashes might be present. A preinstalled limit switch cannot be adjustable.

This is a perfect option for:

  • Inside applications, such as furniture (chairs, sofas, TV-lifts, and similar);
  • Medical applications (dental chairs and adjustable beds, patient lifts, wheelchairs, and similar);
  • Industrial applications (engineering vehicles, manipulators, etc.);
  • Agricultural applications and machines (sprayers, harvesters, tractors, and similar).

This high-speed electric linear actuator is a perfect actuator for small up to medium loads. It is durable and reliable to guarantee years of service.

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This small actuator with a built-in switch (it cannot be adjusted) is comfortable in installation and use. The detailed installation instructions are provided to ensure that even a non-specialist can use BEMONOC LINEAR ACTUATOR without problems. 

It is convenient for the following applications:

  • Electric booth;
  • Adjustable bed;
  • Reclinable chair;
  • Electric sunroof, and similar. 

Its self-locking function guarantees that the actuator will just stop if the power is not supplied. The noise generation of this actuator is low which allows you to install it in areas where maximum silence is required.

10. 12V Linear Electric Actuator12-volt servo actuator

12V Linear Electric Actuator

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Last but not least, another high-speed micro linear actuator is the 12V Linear Electric Actuator. This linear actuator is a perfect solution for almost any application. It does not require maintenance and is leak-free. It means that you save money, reduce, or eliminate downtime, and do not cause any harm to the environment when using this item. It is vibration-resistant. You can use it in any system of any machine. 

The housing is made from aluminum alloy. It means that the item is lightweight and still durable to handle even the most complicated tasks.

This 12-volt servo actuator can be easily installed in any control box, Arduino, or another microcontroller device. It has an 18-months warranty and can be customized upon request.

This item is a perfect choice if you work with projects in:

  • Robotics: Top positioning accuracy and movement accuracy make it possible to use this actuator for the most advanced applications;
  • Home automation: A high responsiveness level and easiness of control make these items perfect to manage your home;
  • Furniture automation and customization: They are a great option for TV lifts, adjustable beds, chairs, and similar.

It is very versatile and powerful which makes this model perfect for any application in any industry.

Final Thoughts

This is the list for High-speed Micro Linear Actuators. You can find plenty of options for sale. However, if you want your application to work a long time and be reliable, make sure you buy your items from a trusted manufacturer. 

Check whether all the features of the item comply with your needs. If any doubt, consult the customer support of the company from which you are going to make your purchase. Only in such a case, you can be confident that you are buying an appropriate device that will work for ages as expected. 

The High-speed Micro Linear Actuators that are mentioned above are:

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