Top 10 Scary Video Game Demons 😍🔥

Video games are becoming common these days. It doesn't matter on which platform you play games the game is still game. Some dark fantasy games get interesting because of their scary demons and dark elements. 

Today's list is dedicated to scary video game demons. This list is going to be brutal and amazing. I'm warning you there might be huge spoilers ahead in this article. So read it on your own risk. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Scary Video Game Demons.


  • Scary Video Game Demons
      • Cyberdemon
      • The Devil
      • Twin Victims
      • Lucius
      • Dante
      • Remor
      • Akuma
      • Illidan Stormrage
      • The Darkness
      • Diablo
  • Conclusion

Scary Video Game Demons

10. Cyberdemon (Doom Eternal)

Cyberdemon (Doom Eternal)

At number 10, we have the Cyberdemon. Cyberdemon is a tower of demonic flesh demon with enough firepower crush an entire army. One of his arms is a straight-up rocket launcher. For your information in the 2016's version of Doom, he has a back that is full of missiles. His back is enough to shoot out and destroy you. There are jets installed into his side that can increase his mobility and speed. 

He is even able to shot a laser blast out of his arm. There is an energy sword on his other arm. He can summon spikes from the ground to trap you and can attack you easily. Basically, Cyberdemon is not that scary, but he is badass and cool. I would have put him on a higher number if this list was of powerful demons.

9. The Devil (Cuphead)

The Devil (Cuphead)

Moving further at number 9, we have The Devil from Cuphead. The devil is the centrepiece of this game. This demon traps Cuphead and his brother into gambling away their souls. Once you get into this game, you learned that these aren't the only two who have been tricked by the devil into giving up their souls for money. 

The Devil is the worst guy in town, and everyone throughout the Inkwell Isles has a debt to him. He has a slimy sidekick dice head. In the game, when you get to the final boss battle with The Devil, he then shows all his powers. He has summoning powers, and he throws a fire of minions at you. He can also shape-shift and change his head into a spider. In the last fight, he pulls you down into the underworld.

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8. Twin Victim (Silent Hill 4)

Twin Victim (Silent Hill 4)

Coming up next at number 8, we have Twin Victim. It's terrifying when a video game killer creature tries to kill you. Enemies rarely speak to you beyond a series of attacks in the video games. However, the twin victims of Silent Hill 4 go even further to remind you that they know you are there. 

They do not attack the seeker, but stand and look at you from afar. They raise their hand, point to you and whisper before attacking and demonizing you. The twin victims turned into a huge sleeping twin in two adult rounds. This two-headed sleeping baby faced demon is freaking and scary.

7. Lucius (Lucius)

Lucius (Lucius)

Next, we have Lucius. This game has dark and ridiculous gameplay. In Lucius, you play a character who is basically Damian from the movie The Omen. He is a six-year-old boy who is continually being talked by the devil. 

Lucius is basically the son of Lucifer. Lucius by using powers of telekinesis and mind control murders members of his household. His sinister power leads to the deaths of multiple residents of Dante Manor. In this game, you find items to frame and murder people. You basically ruin everyone's life in the game. The game itself was kind of bad but the idea of the devil being in a kid's head and telling them what to do is just freaking.

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6. Dante (Devil May Cry)

Dante (Devil May Cry)

The 6th most scary demon from our list is Dante. Anyone who is a fan of these Japanese action games will love Devil May Cry and Dante. This half-human half-demon hybrid is one of the most powerful in the Capcom universe, and he has an ability for hunting down and slaying devils and other creepy-crawly things. There are a ton of other crazy characters who get involved in this series. 

There have been in total 5 Devil May Cry games. There are also some of the expansions and remasters and additional content. He has tons of abilities like super strength, super speed, agility and accuracy. He's a master of a ton of weapons also. He has a huge sword called the Rebellion along with a lot of other weapons, and he's able to go into a powerful mode called Devil Trigger. There is a lot more about this character but that's enough I guess.

5. Remor (Fran Bow)

Remor (Fran Bow)

On this list number 5, we have Remor. Fran Bow is a very interesting horror game. The art style is enough to make you feel like someone is behind you and just watching you. The game follows a young girl who's prescribed medication. She then tasked with finding and rescuing her cat. While she was on her adventures, she encounters Remor, who serves as the main enemy in the game. 

Remor kind of looks like the rabbit monster thing from Donnie Darko. This beast has a cow-like skull from which the blood constantly flowing. When he appears, he frightens the hell out of Fran. In the game, this beast uses his powers to crush and emotionally hurt the people that are around her. Now there is a spoiler. This monster doesn't actually exist. It's just a figment of Fran's imagination that is made up of her fears.

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4. Akuma (Street Fighter)

Akuma (Street Fighter)

Moving on to number 4, we have Akuma. In my opinion, Akuma is the strongest in the entire Street Fighter Universe. You might be wondering is he a demon exactly? He's not like the others on this list, but he is super-powered to a very high level. His name is the Japanese word for demon. His fighting style is called Satsui no Hado which lets him use dark energy. 

This extremely evil demon is continually looking for new ways to master his skills and become more powerful. Becoming the strongest warrior ever is his main goal. He will constantly test any enemy who thinks they can defeat him. He has also killed his own master. Although no one has ever seen his full power because he is assured that there isn't a person in life who is powerful enough to handle him.

3. Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft)

Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft)

Number 3, we have Illidan Stormrage. Illidan was not technically a demon from the start. He became a demon after absorbing the skull of Gul'dan that gave him a crazy amount of power. This crazy power was demonic energy actually, and he was messing around with demonic things and deep-diving into the arcane. 

This character is super cool, and I thought he would be perfect for this list. He was selected by the demon Kil'jaeden to kill the Lich King. He and his other companions hang out all the time, but Illidan started out as a Night Elf and then betrayed his people in the war of the Ancients. He was then given the name of The Betrayer. He was locked up for 10,000 years because of this. He was released to help fight in the chaos war. This is when he fused with the skull of Gul'dan and became an all-powerful demon that everyone was afraid of.

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2. The Darkness (The Darkness)

The Darkness (The Darkness)

At number 2, we have The Darkness. How it feels to have the power of a demon on your back at all times? In The Darkness, Jackie Estacado who is a human host of the darkness has a demon on him that give him some pretty amazing powers. 

He was given the ability to chop off people's heads and heal from almost any wound from The Darkness. At the same time, this thing is fueled by hatred. So I'll guess that Jackie is in the mindset of constantly being enraged. It's like having a monster whisper in your ear all the time telling you everything you need to hear. So you would constantly want to kill people.

1. Diablo (Diablo)

Diablo (Diablo)

For the scariest demon in the games is Diablo. Diablo who is also known as El Diablo's is the King of Hell, and basically has made everything bad ever. This devil has an insane level of power. He has seven siblings who work with him and try to take over the world. He tries his best to bring hatred to everything. 

He wants to use his armies to take over heaven and earth, so he can rule over everyone and be the Supreme Emperor. One of his hobbies is torturing souls that is creepy and freaking. That's how you know he's high up the demonic ladder. Diablo has a lot of abilities, he can shape-shift control, has an array of elemental and dark powers can raise the dead create creatures. That's just a short taste of how powerful this demon is. He is truly the scariest video game demon of all time.


That's the list for the Top 10 Scary Video Game Demons. I hope you find that list interesting, I know there are a lot of demons that are worth mentioning in this list, but that's all for today. I'll try to make another list of Scary demons. If you find any mistake in this article then please let us know in the comment section. You can contact us for article suggestions or for any other query.
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