Top 10 Craziest CoronaVirus or COVID-19 Myths 😍🔥

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COVID-19 also known as CoronaVirus is spreading throughout the world like a wildfire. The USA, Iran, Italy, China, Germany, Spain, France and some other countries are fighting against this disease, and it has been spread in almost every country. Everyone on the internet right now seems to be telling you something about COVID-19, but not everything is correct. Not all of the information roaming on the internet about COVID-19 is coming from a verified, reliable and trustworthy source. 

There is so much misinformation right now being spread, and some of it is causing a lot more harm than good. This misinformation is spreading faster than the actual virus. In today's article, we will be counting down for the Top 10 Craziest CoronaVirus or COVID-19 Myths. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top Ten Craziest CoronaVirus or COVID-19 Myths.


  • Swallowing bleach will kill the virus
  • Drinking-Water Will Make Your Stomach Acid Dissolves CoronaVirus
  • CoronaVirus Only affects Old People
  • Hot Environment Will Kill the Virus
  • Wearing a Face Mask Will Protect You
  • Garlic Water Will Treat The Virus
  • Putting Onions Around Your House Will Ward Off The Virus
  • Hold Your Breath For 10 Seconds Means You Aren't Infected
  • Coronavirus is The Deadliest Virus Known to Men
  • COVID-19 is a Bioweapon

10. Drinking-Water Will Make Your Stomach Acid Dissolves CoronaVirus

Drinking-Water Will Make Your Stomach Acid Dissolves CoronaVirus

Number 10 is drinking water will make your stomach acid dissolves this virus. It's a virus, I'm not even sure how this is possible. Who came up with the idea of drinking water to dissolve it into the acid of the stomach. This myth spread on Facebook so rapidly. A viral Facebook post and then WhatsApp message claims that drinking water every 15 minutes will wash any trace of the virus down your throat and your stomach acid will dissolve and kill it. 

I've actually seen a lot of friends sharing this post. A lot of people are like, oh my god is this real? It doesn't really take much thought to realize that this is entirely false. I'm not even sure how you would make this make sense. While it is always a good idea to stay hydrated though, especially when you're sick. There's actually no evidence of this being a useful cure or a preventative measure against the virus. You can drink water as much as you want. It won't do any harm to you, but it won't help you fighting virus.

9. Swallowing bleach will kill the virus

Swallowing bleach will kill the virus

Number 9 from our list is some kind of weird myth. The myth is that swallowing bleach will kill the virus. Some people believe that swallowing the bleach will kill CoronaVirus, which is entirely false. I highly advise you guys to not swallow bleach, it is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. There're a lot of innocent people out there and a lot of people who may think that it is a cleaning device and can be used as a cleaning tool. 

So if I swallow it, the virus is inside of me it might actually be killed. There's actually no cure for the virus right now. Cure for the virus isn't as simple as just drinking bleach. Bleach is very dangerous for you, it can actually kill you. I'm once again telling you that it's very dangerous, I highly don't recommend you to drink it. It's the stupidest thing going around right now. Chance of death from swallowing bleach is higher than the infection of CoronaVirus itself.

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8. Garlic Water Will Treat The Virus

Garlic Water Will Treat The Virus

Number 8 of our list is also some kind of weird and awkward. We're talking about the myth that is the garlic water will treat the virus. I mean who came up with a cure? Do we have a cure for the virus already? There are a lot of countries and countless scientist who are working on a cure, but yet we found out that garlic water will treat the virus. 

Yes, garlic is antimicrobial, but there is absolutely no evidence that doing this frankly revolting routine will cure your symptoms. I wish the cure of this pandemic was as easy as garlic water, look how much garlic we have in the world. But on the ground reality, we don't have a cure for it. Garlic won't do any good to you if you, unfortunately, had this virus.

7. Hot Environment Will Kill the Virus

Hot Environment Will Kill the Virus

Moving onto number 7, we have another myth about CoronaVirus is being in a hot environment will actually keep you safe from it. This is one that's going around pretty recently. A lot of people just want to get out of this lockdown now. We all want to go out, and we want to live our life like we used to live. People are saying the virus may not be able to live in hot weather. So a lot of people are actually excited for the summer because of this myth. 

Because the virus has reached almost in every single country in varying degrees. It's safe to say this myth is just a myth. It may have a preference for cooler climates. Whole world's temperature is not the same, every country has a different temperature depending upon its geography. Some countries at today's date have temperature more than 30℃, but these countries are still affected by COVID-19, and it is still spreading there.

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6. CoronaVirus Only affects Old People

CoronaVirus Only affects Old People

Some people actually think that COVID-19 only affects the old people with weakened immune systems. A lot of people believe this myth as true. That is why you see pictures of people on the beaches chilling around because they just don't care. They aren't aware of the fact that it's gonna harm them as well. This was actually the belief when the virus first started making headlines around the world, but it has proven more than once that it's not dangerous only for oldies. 

Yes, it does affect the elderly and also the immunocompromised people more severely, but that doesn't mean young or healthy people are out of danger. Thousands of young people around the world have actually tested positive for the virus who are not even 50. No doubt the death rate of elderly people is much higher, but it doesn't mean you are not vulnerable to this virus.

5. Wearing a Face Mask Will Protect You

Wearing a Face Mask Will Protect You

Coming up next, we have a myth that is wearing a face mask will actually protect you. Her we are talking about the ordinary masks, not N-95 mask. There is a worldwide shortage of them and health care workers need them more then we do. If we can just stay home means we don't really need a mask. These health care workers who are going to hospitals and to patient's houses to help them are the one who actually needs the masks. 

If we just stay home, we don't need to buy masks. I'm not sure if these ordinary masks will work because they're loose-fitting. So the virus will still enter your nose and mouth. A lot of experts actually suggest against wearing them because the masks encourage people to touch their faces more frequently. People who already have respiratory illnesses though can wear the mask that can help them prevent the spread of the illness.

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4. Putting Onions Around Your House Will Ward Off The Virus

Putting Onions Around Your House Will Ward Off The Virus

Number four myth about COVID-19 is that putting onions around your house will ward off the virus. Apparently, people think that putting onions in every room of your house will absorb all of the illness from the air, it will do sort of cleansing of diseases. But in reality, all this does is makes your house smell like onions. I mean maybe this is a good thing maybe you guys should do it because it will keep away family and friends. 

After all, we should be social distancing. Unfortunately, evidence of it protecting people against sickness is just a placebo. There is no specific proof to back up this claim. People are sharing posts and videos about putting onion around your house will ward off the virus without knowing the fact that it is just fruitless. People should do some research before posting or sharing anything.

3. Hold Your Breath For 10 Seconds Means You Aren't Infected

Hold Your Breath For 10 Seconds Means You Aren't Infected

At number three, we have another myth that is being able to comfortably hold your breath for 10 seconds means you aren't infected. I remember when this went around, I held my breath. I was like okay I'm not coughing, and I'm definitely not infected. Well, I don't even know where this myth came from. There might be some evidence that being able to hold your breath without tightness in your chest means that you actually don't have any respiratory issues. This myth was going like wildfire on Facebook. 

A recent study shows that young people can hold their breath even if they have a virus and some of the old men with the respiratory problem aren't able to hold more than 10 seconds even if they don't have a virus. It shows that this 10-second breath-stopping ninja technique is just a myth.

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2. CoronaVirus is The Deadliest Virus Known to Men

CoronaVirus is The Deadliest Virus Known to Men

At number 2, we have a myth which is CoronaVirus is the deadliest virus known to men. It is not true. This virus is deadly but not the deadliest. Mankind has seen more deadliest viruses in history like Influenza. Viruses like Ebola have much more mortality rate then COVID-19. People are getting panic, they are thinking, if they got infected then that will be the end of their life. 

If we see mortality rate of this virus, we will know the fact that most of the people who died from this disease were old aged people with already having other diseases like Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Chronic respiratory disease, Hypertension, Cancer etc. According to WHO the mortality rate of COVID-19 is 3.4% as of 3 March 2020. It means only 3-4 people will die from this out of 100 infected people.

1. COVID-19 is a Bioweapon

COVID-19 is a Bioweapon

Finally, the Craziest CoronaVirus Myths is that the virus is a bioweapon. I don't know if we stopped the search for patient zero. I wonder who he was? I wonder if there's any way of even figuring that out. Well, it's been studied extensively, there's been absolutely no evidence found in that. It's anything other than a naturally occurring virus. 

This myth probably originated because there is a CoronaVirus research lab in Wuhan where it all started in China, and people have to find somebody to blame. This is just another dumb dangerous conspiracy theory. A lot of people are also saying this virus may be spread by the USA. It is not true because the USA is the one who has the most infected people and it is getting out of their hands.

I hope you'll find it informative. Please do research before believing something on the internet or posting anything on Facebook. Stay home, stay safe. 
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