Top 10 Largest Militaries in the World 😍🔥

10. Egypt Armed Force

Egypt Armed Force
We start off our list of the largest militaries in the world with Egypt. Egypt Armed force consists of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Air Force, Egyptian Navy and Egyptian Air Defence Force. Egypt Armed Force that was founded in 1820 is a military organization that is responsible for the defence of Egypt. It has 438,500 active troops excluding reserved troops that are under the Muhammad Farid Hegazy as the Chief of Staff. Egypt spends US$ 7.1-11.1 (2019) billion, including 1.3US$ billion U.S military aid every year, and that makes its 2-3% (2019) of GDP(Gross Domestic Production).

  • Active Troops: 438,500
  • Expenditure: US$ 7.1-11.1 billion,  2-3% GDP

9. People's Army of Vietnam

People's Army of Vietnam
At number 9, we have the People's Army of Vietnam that is also known as the Vietnamese People's Army. Service branches of PAVN are Ground Force, Navy, Border Defence Force, Coast Ground and Air Force. PAVN was founded in December 1944, and Colonel General Phan Van Giang is a serving Chief of Staff. There are 482,000 active troops in PAVN, take note that we are not including any reserved troops in this list. As we talk about the budget spends on army is US$ 5.5 billion (2018) that makes 2-3%(2018) of the GDP of Vietnam.  

  • Active Troops:482,000
  • Expenditure: US$ 5.5 billion, 2-3% GDP

8. Armed Force of Islamic Republic of Iran

Armed Force of Islamic Republic of Iran
We have Armed Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran at number 8th spot in largest militaries in the world. Iranian Armed Force was founded in 1921 (Modern unified army), and it consists Revolutionary Guard Corps, Army and Law Enforcement Force (Police). The current Chief of Staff is MG Muhammed Bagheri. Let's talk about the strength of Iran's army, there are total 523,000 active troops in IAF. Iran spends US$ 19.6 billion per year on its defence forces that makes 4.6% of Iran's GDP. 

  • Active Troops: 523,000 
  • Expenditure: US$ 19.6 billion, 4.6% GDP. 

7. Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Republic of Korea Armed Forces
At number 7th place the largest militaries in the world is the Republic of Korea Armed Forces also known as ROK Armed Forces. We are talking about South Korea here, not North Korea. ROKA comprises of Republic of Korea Army, Republic of Korea Navy and Republic of Korea Air Force. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of ROKA is General Park Han-Ki. ROKA has 625,000 armed troops that are active, they also have reserved personnel, but we won't count them. South Korea spends US$ 43.1 billion of its budget on the Army, that is 2.6% of its GDP.

  • Active Troops: 625,000 
  • Expenditure: US$ 43.1 billion, 2.6% GDP

6. Pakistan Armed Forces

Pakistan Armed Forces
Coming up to number 6th form our list of largest militaries in the world is the Pakistan Armed Forces that was founded on 14 August 1947. Pakistan Army comprises of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Marines, Pakistan Coast Guards and Paramilitary Forces. There are 653,000 active troops in Pakistan Army, and General Nadeem Raza is currently serving as Chairman Joint of Staff Committee. Pakistan spends US$ 11.1 billion on its defences, that is 4.0% of its GDP.

  • Active Troops: 653,000 
  • Expenditure: US$ 11.1 billion, 4.0% GDP.

5. Russian Armed Forces

Russian Armed Forces
Moving on to number 5, we have Russian Armed Forces that was founded in 1992 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Russian Armed Forces consist of Ground Forces, Aerospace Forces, Navy, Strategic Missile Troops, Airborne Troops and Special Operation Forces. They have 900,000 active personnel, and Chief of General Staff is Gen Valery Gerasimov. Russia spends US$ 62.4 billion, that is 3.9% of its GDP.

  • Active Troops: 900,000
  • Expenditure: US$ 62.4 billion, 3.9% GDP.

4. Korean People's Army

Korean People's Army
We have the Korean People's Army at number 4th position. We are talking about North Korea now. Korean People's Army has five branches that are KPA Ground Force, KPA Navel Force, KPA Air Force, KPA Strategic Force and KPA Special Operation Force. KPA has 1,280,000 active troops, and Vice Marshal Ri Yong-Gil is a serving Chief of the General Staff. North Korea spend US$ 1.6 billion and 4.9% of its GDP every year on the military. 

  • Active Troops: 1,280,000 
  • Expenditure: US$ 1.6 billion, 4.9% GDP

3. The United States Armed Forces

The United States Armed Forces
The United States Armed Forces is our number 3 runner up, and it was founded on 14 June 1775, 244 years ago.  The United States Armed Force consist of 6 branches that are U.S Army, U.S Marines Corps, U.S Air Force, U.S Navy, U.S Space Force and U.S Coast Guard. Mark Alexender Miller is 20th chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. U.S army consists of 1,380,895 active personnel and U.S spend a huge amount of money on Armed Forces. US$ 692 billion is spent by the U.S per year on its military that expenditure is highest in the world.  

  • Active Troops: 1,380,895 
  • Expenditure: US$ 692 billion, 3.42% GDP

2. Indian Armed Force

Indian Armed Force
At number 2nd spot in the list of largest militaries in the world is Indian Armed Force. India Armed Force was founded in 1947. It has three serving branches that are Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Chief of Defense Staff of Indian Armed Force is General Bipin Ravat. Here come the active troops, India has 1,443,932 active troops that make it number 2nd largest military in the world. The budget of the Indian Armed Forces is US$ 66.5 billion and 2.4% of its GDP.

  • Active Troops: 1,443,932 
  • Expenditure: US$ 66.5 billion, 2.4% GDP

1. People's Liberation Army

People's Liberation Army
People's Liberation Army is the world's largest army and China own it. It was founded in 1927. PLA has 5 serving branches that are PLA Ground Force, PLA Navy, PLA Air Force, PLA Rocket Force and PLA Strategic Support Force.  General Li Zuocheng is a current Chief of the Joint Staff Department. Pepple's Liberation Army Consist of 2,035,000 active personnel there are 0.51 million reserved forces also but we won't count them. China spends US$ 177.1 billion and 1.3% of its GDP on Military per year. 

  • Active Troops: 2,035,000 
  • Expenditure: US$ 177.1 billion, 1.3% GDP

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